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About MAZE

Daniele Zerilli

Web Developer

I love computers, algorithms, riddles and everything that can make my brain work. Currently working as a teacher for Mohole school in Milan, and building a solid road for my dreams as the MAZE web developer. In my free time I like to play table games or solve the Rubik's Cube as fast as I can ... my current best is 9.33 seconds!

Chiara Mazzetti

Graphic Designer

I love simplicity, pure forms as well as everything that is minimal: I believe that by eliminating the superfluous one can convey the true meaning of a message. I'm giving my best in making the world a perfect place, starting from MAZE. If I were to put three things on top of the world, those would be pizza, animals and TV series!



Whether you need a new website or just a new shiny feature, we got you covered!


Discover new shapes, colors and typos. Find your identity, make them notice you!


Posters, logos, business cards, flyers, websites and much more!


Be on top of the hill, let's make Google appreciate your website!


Produce great content for your customers, they will trust you!


Start today an online branch selling all over the world 24/7, increase your sells!

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